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Fullfiling our vision to deliver modular automation, our technology is highly flexible and versatile yielding a custom solution to each application. With an empahsis on net-weigh and volumetric filling, Kinesys Automation can expertly deliver repetitive and accurate results. With true plug and play capabilities, our modular sub-systems are integrated into a single solution that delivers unparalleled performance for a wide range of products.

Net-Weigh Filling

Kinesys Automation's net-weigh filling platform focuses on identifying the appropriate fill valve for delivering the product, and the corresponding weighing system for measuring the product. The fill valve and weighing system are separate entities independent of one another, and are only coupled by an intelligent control system.

Our technology makes it possible to include interchangeable fill valves with interchangeable weighing systems, resulting in a highly flexible system that can service a wide range of product characteristics. Our control systems are designed to selectively manage pre-act weights, fill and dribble rates, blow-off, drip prevention, scale calibration and other performance characteristics, delivering functionally flexible fillers for a myriad of applications.

Volumetric Filling

Our interchangeable and modular dosing pumps are designed to deliver accurate and consistent doses of adhesives, sealants, greases, pastes and putties ranging in viscosities to over 3 million centipoise. Kinesys Automation's engineering approach creates unique and custom solutions featuring servo drives and advanced technologies.


Kinesys Automation has developed fillers ranging from single-head to multi-head, indexing vs. continuous motion, low vs. high throughput, and every permutation thereof.

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  • Inline Filler
  • Cross-Push Filler
  • Fully-Automated Filler
  • Semi-Automated Filler
  • Top-Fill Filler
  • Sub-Surface Filler
  • Bottom-Up Filler
  • Explosion Proof

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