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Kinesys Automation has developed a range of hydraulic presses for 55 gallon drums and large volume vessels. Producing material pressures of up to 300 PSI, our presses are used to discharge non-flowing, high viscosity products, typically after completion of the necessary time in a multi shaft mixer. Each press is built to size to the customer's specific application. All of Kinesys Automation's presses are of heavy duty, steel construction and feature an integrated hydraulic control package.

Drum Press

Featuring reinforced drum shrouds with heavy duty adjustable clamps, the 55 gallon drum is circumferentially supported while the press plate is lowerd into the drum. Producing 2,400 PSI of hydraulic pressure across its 8" diameter bore cylinder, Kinesys Automation's drum press delivers an impressive 300 PSI of material pressure making it suitable for discharging high viscosity products.

Platform Press

With an elevated base at a fixed discharge height, vessels are positioned into this style of press by way of a forklift. With the vessel bottomed out against back stops, it is in alignment with the overhead press plate that is then lowered into the vessel to initiate discharge directly to a filler.

Lift to Discharge Press

Featuring reinforced guides, vessels are wheeled under this style of press and bottomed out against back stops positioning the vessel in alignment with the press plate. The hydraulically driven elevator platform then raises the vessel to a height that makes for convenient transfer. Once at the discharge height, support pins with interlocking safety switches lock the elevator platform into position and the overhead press plate is lowered into the vessel to initiate discharge directly to a filler.


Featuring modular construction, Kinesys Automation's presses are configurable for straight sided as well as chimed drums, and for any diameter vessel. With on board hydraulic controls and an integrated oil reservoir tank, our presses deliver the smallest possible footprint, thus maximizing available floorspace while minimizing hose plumbing.

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  • Captive O-Ring
  • Non-Captive O-Ring
  • Auto Switch Over Package
  • Explosion Proof

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