KA-16-016-16 – Kinesys Automation has introduced the most compact hydraulic vessel press in the industry. With an integrated oil tank and control system, this system is stand-alone and offers the freedom to position this unit without the clutter of tanks, pumps, hoses and plumbing lines obstructing access to its perimeter. Vessels are rolled into the press at floor height and guided into position with reinforced wheel guides. The hydraulically driven elevator platform then raises the vessel to a height that makes it convenient for transfer. Once at the discharge height, support pins with inter-locking safety switches lock the elevator platform into position and the overhead plate is lowered into the vessel to initiate discharge directly to a filler.


Machine Configuration

  • Power: 460VAC
  • Machine Length: 124 inches
  • Machine Width: 35 inches
  • Machine Height: 178 inches
  • Press Plate Style: single, non-captive o-ring