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Filler, Lidder, Closer & Palletizer

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Capitalizing on its modular and flexible design platform, Kinesys Automation has developed a single integrated filler, lid placer, lid closer, and palletizer with a single control system. Each sub-system communicates via Ethernet, resulting in plug and play functionality that can be removed, enabled, or disabled independently of one another.

Line Configuration:

  • Power: 460 VAC; 80 PSIG
  • Max Throughput: up to 6 cycles per minute
  • Container Types: 5 gallon pails and kegs (aka 1/4 drums)
  • Options: infeed accumulation gravity conveyor

Filler Options:

  • Filling Type: net-weigh (gravimetric)
  • Filling Material: oils and lubricants
  • Adjustable Valve Height: for accommodating various container heights

Palletizer Options:

  • Z-Axis: pneumatically actuated with analog position feedback
  • Max Pallet Height: up to 60 inches
  • Pallet Patterns: customizable pallet patterns from 5 standard templates
  • Pail Rotate Station: for handle position
  • Pallet Guides: For 48"x48" and 48"x40" size pallets
  • Safety: dual access doors on two sides with safety interlocks

Lid Placer Options:

  • Infeed Accumulator: accommodates 3 stacks of lids
  • Lids Per Stack: 20 lids
  • Safety: dual access doors with safety interlocks

Lid Closer Options:

  • Type: pressure and crimp lid closer
  • Motorized Adjustable Height: for accommodating various container heights
  • Safety: dual access doors with safety interlocks

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