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2-Axis, Fully Automatic Case Palletizer

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Fully Auotmatic, low throughput case palletizer, deisgned for palletizing 4 cases per minute. Empty pallet is automatically dispensed into the palletizer while the completed pallet is disscharged to the staging area, all without any human interaction. System can palletize cases ranging in size from 12"x6"x8" to 13"x10"x12". Pallet patterns are selected via an operator selector switch. The pallet dispenser can support up to 11 empty pallets.

Machine Configuration

  • Power: 460 VAC; 80 PSIG
  • Max Throughput: up to 4 cases per minute
  • Container Types: cases
  • Max Pallet Height: up to 56 inches


  • Z-Axis: pneumatically actuated with analog position feedback
  • Multiple case sizes: 12"x6"x8" up to 13"x10"x12"
  • 3 Pallet Patterns: to accomodate different size cases
  • Pallet Dispenser: holds up to 11 empty pallets
  • Pallet Size: 48" x 40"
  • Staging Area: holds one full pallet
  • Safety Doors: light curtain and safety access doors

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