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Pail Denester

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Modular pail denester is designed for 1 gallon plastic pails with an integrated stack accumulation conveyor. Stacks are manually placed onto the accumulator, and are singularly fed into the machine. As a new stack is being loaded, it gets pushed onto the elevator plate. The elevator lifts the entire stack into position. It then remvoes the bottom pail with vacuum, lowers it to table top level, and pushes it onto an adjacent take-away conveyor.

This pail denester can be optionally integrated into a system. An example can be viewed here.


  • Power: 460 VAC; 80 PSIG
  • Max Throughout: 25 pails per minute
  • Container Type: 1 gallon plastic pails
  • Max Stack Height: 36"


  • Infeed Accumulator: accommodates 5 stacks of pails
  • Pails Per Stack: 40 pails
  • Safety: dual access doors with safety interlocks

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