KA-05-001 – Highly automated, universal vertical cartridge filler to service the sealants and adhesives industries for dispensing a wide range of material viscosity formulations. Universally adaptable to process both pint and quart size cartridges with any flat bottom and conical bottom plunger regardless of material construction, and without requiring any tooling changeover. Fully automated design equipped with dual filler stations, three plunger insertion stations, desiccant dispenser, seam sealer, inkjet printer, and lot number cold stamper for any one-part and two-part cartridge. System included two volumetric dosers accommodating up to two colors/additives per doser and integrated static mixing columns.


Machine Configuration

  • Power: 460VAC, 80PSIG
  • Container Types: pint and quart size cartridges
  • Max Throughput: 12 cartridges per minute
  • Volumetric Doser: two mobile pneumatically actuated dosers
  • Filling Type: volumetric
  • Valve Type: servo driven, bottom-up cone valve
  • Filling Material: silicone and urethane sealants and adhesives
  • 10 Station Base: loading station, cold stamp station, two filling stations, 3 plunger insertion stations, desiccant dispenser station, seam sealer station, plunger split station


  • Cartridge Hopper: holds up to 200 cartridges
  • Plunger Vibratory Feeder Bowl: holds up to 1000 plungers
  • Control System: Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC
  • HMI: PanelView Plus 1000 Color Tough Screen