KA-09-004 – Kinesys Automation has developed an in-line 3 head Subsurface filler for filling pails and jugs. Containers are brought into the filling stations by way of a continuous moving table-top conveyor, then individually lifted off the conveyor. System includes independently actuated subsurface nozzles, dedicated for each station, allowing precise filling of each container independent of each other.


Machine Configuration

  • Power: 460VAC, 80PSIG
  • Max Throughput: up to 4 cycles minute (12 containers)
  • Container Types: pails and jugs
  • Machine Length: 78 inches (6.5 ft)
  • Machine Width: 24 inches (2 ft)


  • Filling Type: net-weigh (gravimetric)
  • Number of Heads: three
  • Valve Type: subsurface valve
  • Filling Material: foamy, thin, thick