KA-18-007 – Kinesys Automation has developed its latest addition to flexible filling, highlighting the versatility of filling and processing cans and bottles on a single line. Using a rotary indexing filler featuring interchangeable valves and nozzles, with an integrated infeed rotary table, lid dropper, roller closer and outfeed accumulation table, Kinesys Automation has once again demonstrated the benefits of modular automation.


Line Configuration

  • Power: 110VAC, 80PSIG
  • Container Types: 1/2 pint to gallon size friction plug cans

Filler Options

  • Indexing Style: rotary indexer
  • Filling Type: net-weigh (gravimetric)
  • Filling Material: paint
  • Adjustable Height: manual

Lid Dropper Options

  • Lid Sizes: 1/2 pint to gallon size friction plug lids
  • Adjustable Height: manual
  • Size Adjustment: manual

Roller Closer Options

  • Adjustable Height: manual