KA-18-012 – Kinesys Automation has developed its latest addition to flexible filling, highlighting the versatility of filling and processing multiple size pails. Using a standalone filler featuring interchangeable pressure plates and fill valves, with a standalone pail inverter and a fully pneumatic standalone lid crimper, Kinesys Automation has once again demonstrated the benefits of modular automation.

This specially designed filler used a servo-pneumatic system to lower a plate into an empty pail. The pressure of the product flowing into the pail will then raise the plate to a calculated height determined by the volume. The pressure and volume can be set through the HMI and saved into recipes for different filling configurations. 


Line Configuration

  • Power: 110 VAC, 80PSIG
  • Container Types: 7 gallon and 5 gallon metal pails

Filler Options

  • Filling Type: volumetric
  • Filling Material: adhesives
  • Adjustable Height: automatic
  • Safety: dual palm switches
  • Options: servo-pneumatic bottom up, check weigher

Inverter Options

  • Pail Sizes: 7 gallon and 5 gallon
  • Safety: dual palm switches
  • Speed Adjustment: manual

Crimper Closer Options

  • Power: 80 psig