KA-20-005 – Kinesys Automation introduces its latest development of a full featured pail line spanning filling through palletizing.

The fully automated line designed for 5 gallon plastic pails, includes a 4-headed net weigh filler (expandable to 5-heads), a versatile lid placer to accommodate lids from 4 manufacturers, and a high throughput pail palletizer.    The line further includes a top sheet dispenser and a stretch wrapper.  Set to process 24 pails per minute, the line ejects a completed pallet at the rate of 1 pallet in 90 seconds.


Line Configuration

  • Power: 460 VAC, 80PSIG
  • Max Throughput: up to 24 containers per minute
  • Container Types: 5 gallon plastic pails


  • Type: 4-head (expandable to 5), net-weigh
  • Filling Material: driveway sealant
  • Valve Type: cone valve

Lid Placer

  • Lid Type: 5 gallon plastic lid without bung
  • Lid Stack Accumulator: 7 in process stacks, 40 lids per stack

Lid Closer

  • Type: roller closer

Pallet Dispenser

  • Pallets per Stack: holds up to 11 pallets


  • Type: 4-head, high throughput
  • Z-Axis: servo
  • Max Pallet Height: up to 60″
  • Pallet Patterns: 4×3
  • Safety: full length light curtain


  • Pails: Poly-V Belt, 1.9″ roller diameter with DC powered roller
  • Pallets: CDLR, 2-1/2″ roller diameter with DC powered roller