KA-17-007 – Semi-Automatic, low throughput case palletizer, designed for palletizing 4 cases per minute. System incorporates servo drives for x, y and theta positioning, and servo-pneumatics for z positioning.  Empty pallets are manually introduced into the palletizer and completed pallets are manually retrieved.  System can palletize cases ranging in size from 12″x6″x8″ to 13″x10″x12″.  Through Kinesys Automation’s proprietary software, pallet patterns can be designed and saved directly on the HMI.  Working space is safeguarded with a pair of light curtains and a poly-carbonate door for access to the in-feed conveyor.


Machine Configuration

  • Power: 460VAC, 80PSIG
  • Max Throughput: up to 6 cases per minute
  • Container Types: cases
  • Max Pallet Height: up to 65 inches


  • Z-Axis: servo-pneumatic actuator
  • Multiple case sizes: 12″x6″x8″ up to 13″x10″x12″
  • Pallet Patterns: customer can customize infinite pallet patterns via HMI
  • Pallet Size: 48″ x 40″
  • Safety: light curtains and safety access door