KA-12-002 – Based on its modular approach of integrated systems, Kinesys Automation developed a lid placer/closer for screw-on type lids on containers of varying heights.

When a container enters the system, a pick & place station retrieves the top most lid off of an adjacent lid stack, and places it onto the container.  As each successive lid is placed, the elevator raises the stack until the entire stack is exhausted.  The elevator then lowers to receive another stack from the accumulator.

Once the container advances to to the closer station, it is lifted off the conveyor. While raised, the lid is held firmly while the pail is spun until the lid is tightened to a controlled setting. The pail is then lowered onto the conveyor where it is ejected from the system.

This lid closer can be optionally integrated into any line layout.  An example can be viewed here.


Machine Configuration

  • Power: 460VAC, 80PSIG
  • Max Throughput: 8 pails per minute
  • Container Types: 5 gallon plastic screw-on lids