KA-16-016-13 – Kinesys Automation’s fully modular, mobile lid placer is used for lidding containers that are in continuous motion. When a container passes by the lid placer, the leading lip of the container strips a lid off the slide, resting it on top of the container. The lid placer then retrieves another lid off the stack and places it onto the slide. As each successive lid is placed, the elevator raises the stack until the entire stack is exhausted. The elevator then lowers to receive another stack from the accumulator. Equipped with wheels and a quick connect umbilical cable, this lid placer can be easily removed, used for multiple lines, or switched out with another style placer.

This lid placer can be optionally integrated into a system. An example can be viewed here.


Machine Configuration

  • Power: 460VAC, 80PSIG
  • Max Throughput: up to 25 pails per minute
  • Lid Types: 1 gallon plastic pressure close lids


  • Infeed Accumulator: accommodates 4 stacks of lids
  • Lids Per Stack: 40 lids